Friday, July 31, 2015

Defensive Tactics in Chess

In Chess, when we first hear the word Tactics, those complicated combinations in attacking come to our minds, in fact tactics are way more expanded.

Our lesson today will focus on the other side of tactics, the defensive tactics.

Let's take an example to illustrate where we could see a tactic in defense.


In this position, both players had castled their kings to the king side, but clearly White's king is better, since he got free space to escape on h2 in case of any attack from Black. 
Whereas Black's king is in a bad position. the back rang looks weak, and the two white rooks looks intending to checkmate it, doesn't it?

So here Black played 1...Bb3, what do you think of this move? attacking the d1 rook, to deflect it from the dangerous d-file.


The response from White was quiet shocking, he played 2.Qxb3, sacrificing his queen.
Can you see the plan of white? It seems that he wants to deflect the Black's queen from the back rank to play 3.Rd8+?, intending the following sequence 3...Rxd8, 4.Rxd8+ followed by checkmate on the next move.


Black took the queen, according to the White's plan black is lost now.

So what do you think does Black fell in the trap or maybe he got something different to surprise White with?
Leave your comments below, we will post the answer later.

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